Once in a while, you’ll get a message from a guy that’s a total gem.  He’s literally so perfect that you question why he’s even on these dating sites. I mean how could a stud like this NOT be in a relationship. Below is my encounter with this unicorn.

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I had my friend Jason help me out with some of the messages I sent this guy. Clearly what turns him off are cats. Such a shame. This guy is clearly a winner.

Two’s Company, Three’s A Party

I’ve received plenty of creepy messages from guys on dating sites. Heck, I started an entire blog based on these messages. But what I never, in a million years, thought I would get the message below. Honestly, I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this was a real message and that she was serious (I ended up responding, but sadly can’t find the screen shots of my response.)



“I would do anything for love…..but I won’t do that.”- Meatloaf

Tinder Corn Guy

This is by far one of my favorite messages I’ve ever gotten. You can even consider that this might be the message that inspired this blog. Either way it’s glorious and I haven’t been able to look at corn the same way since. corn

UPDATE: My friend Jason just let me know his thoughts on this post:

Jason: I think anyone who compares their d**k to corn should probably go see a doctor. It’s 400 bumps too many.

Me: laugh-crylaugh-crylaugh-cry